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The two new Formats included in the channel are: BOSU® Total Body Basics which offers classes that each incorporate elements of Cardio, Strength Training, Core and Flexibility in a circuit fashion. These classes will work your body from head to toe! The BOSU® Core Basics series offers classes focused on stabilizing and strengthening your core – a vital component of your physical fitness.

The BOSU Balance Trainer is a unique piece of functional equipment that adds important elements of balance, core engagement and stability to every workout you do! Whether you’re doing a plank, lunge, or anything in between, the Balance Trainer or the BOSU ball will add another layer of challenge as you engage more muscles to stay stable and strong! These time-efficient classes will help you pack more calorie burn and functional fitness into each minute you’re exercising.

One great benefit of these Formats is that you can mix and match any of the classes based on what you’re looking to accomplish that day. Need a quick core workout to capstone your time at the gym? Choose from any of the 15-minute Core Basics classes. Looking for a longer, well-rounded sweat session? Pair two or three of the Total Body and Core Basics classes as you’re able to!

Each class offers a 5 minute warmup that will re-acquaint your body with the equipment and the movement. Whether you’ve used a BOSU Balance Trainer previously – or are brand new to this format – you’ll quickly adapt to the movements as your body warms up.

The two best ways to challenge yourself with the BOSU programming are to: A) Add duration: lengthen your workout by pairing two classes back-to-back, or B) Add intensity by participating in the challenge-options your instructor will offer you. Throughout each BOSU class, your instructor will show you variations to the different movements, providing modifications if you need them, or extra challenges if you’re ready to up the ante. Keep revisiting the classes and look for ways you can push yourself a little harder each time to enhance your results!

BOSU’s Director of Programming Candice Brooks says, “These classes are for everyone – young or old, new to fitness or an experienced athlete. We’re thrilled to be able make BOSU classes more conveniently accessible through WELLBEATS platform so that more consumers can have access to this results-driven programming!” To see more sample clips, visit our BOSU Playlist on Youtube. To learn more about BOSU® visit,

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