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January Content Release

2016 is here and so are WELLBEATS new classes! This season you’ll see new faces, great choreography and some fun twists to the Formats you know and love. Our Director of Content and Education and Director/Producer, Linda Shelton, weighs in on some of the highlights and what makes this release unique! . – See more at: […]
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If you fall into the camp of those resolving to lose weight or simply increase your fitness in 2016, WELLBEATS’ Kinetics channel may be the best weapon you have in your tool belt. These high intensity classes offer a powerful combination of cardio intervals, bodyweight conditioning and resistance training to not only burn mega calories […]
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BOSU, Now on WELLBEATS kiosk

WHAT CLASSES ARE OFFERED The two new Formats included in the channel are: BOSU® Total Body Basics which offers classes that each incorporate elements of Cardio, Strength Training, Core and Flexibility in a circuit fashion. These classes will work your body from head to toe! The BOSU® Core Basics series offers classes focused on stabilizing and […]
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