We don’t just install a system and walk away, our Integrated Content System (ICS) is designed to engage with your customers, help them get results and drive participation. Our ICS is made up of a whole variety of tools and techniques that can be utilised by all customers and staff to get the optimum out of the system.
  • Class production is designed to replicate the live class experience.
  • Our expert staff training will create you a Wellbeats Champion who will help you get the best out of your system.
  • We provide fit tests to help customers set a benchmark and measure the success of their hard work.
  • We provide pre designed workout programmes that deliver real results and provides customers with clear professional guidance e.g. weight loss, stress release etc.
  • We provide tutorial classes for beginners or those new to a different class format e.g. step to spinning.
  • Our structured formats cater for the absolute beginner to advanced.
  • We refresh our classes 3 times per annum (January, May and October)
  • 40% of our total Wellbeats classes are refreshed every year.
  • Our on screen instructors each deliver the class for different abilities, beginner, intermediate and advanced allowing mixed abilities in every class
  • Our wide range class content selection provides something for every customer.